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The founder and CEO of LEWIS LLC is LaShanda Lewis. LaShanda is a certified professional career development and relationship coach, and a marriage mentor. As a certified coach she specializes in career development and improving relationships. LaShanda has helped clients to foster and strengthen relationships with themselves, spouses, family members and other people in general. 

LaShanda has also spent years training and mentoring individuals with their career development. For the past 15 years she has humbly coached and trained numerous people throughout their career journey. Her reason for coaching is fueled by the desire to help others unlock their full potential.

After years of working with a variety of people in different situations, she has developed a deep empathy for our clients. She makes time to truly understand and feel the obstacles and goals that our clients are discussing. LaShanda has witnessed the many successes that our clients have attained, as well as being a comforting figure when some of our clients are struggling through a rough patch. 

Oscar Lewis is the co-founder and vice president of LEWIS LLC. Oscar Lewis is a professional public speaker, a global inclusive task force representative, a corporate mentor, and a loving husband and father.

Through many of years of interacting with a host of different people from various backgrounds, Oscar has developed a deep understanding of human emotions. This has not only led Oscar to being able to see exactly what people need, but also to use different methods to pull out the best in others.

From a small intimate group to a large, crowded auditorium, Oscar has effortless spoken and inspired countless people. It really does not matter if it is in person or through an online video call, Oscar will bring a remarkable perspective, an unfiltered truth, delivered in a way that the audience can easily digest.

As husband and wife, as well as partners in life, Oscar and LaShanda want to ensure that the people that feel unseen are heard, that the people that feel lost are found and that the people that feel down are lifted up. They don’t view LEWIS LLC as just a business, but it is also an avenue to help others be the best they can be.

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